Judgment Enforcement

Future Solutions Enterprises

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Turn that Worthless Piece of Paper into CASH!

 FSE-Your Judgment Recovery Specialist

 Are you owed a judgment from a court ordered settlement  but haven’t seen a penny of it yet? Unfortunately, winning is just the beginning, it is now your responsibility to collect. The debtor maybe determined not to pay and could be hiding assets. Collecting  yourself is an option if you have the time and expertise to do so with the additional obstacle of lost wages while spending time in court. Hiring a traditional collection agency has upfront costs associated  with it with no guarantee of positive results. Call on Future Solutions Enterprises in Baltimore, MD. We specialize in locating debtors and their assets in order to facilitate enforcing an court ordered judgment!

 The fact is, most judgments are never recovered and it’s up to you to enforce payment, not the court. Don’t waste your time filling out paperwork and attempting to get what’s rightfully yours. We'll do all the legwork. You never have to deal with the debtor again!